New update, new job

So what’s new?
I’ve switched jobs, from being a developer to being… something. I really don’t know exactly what, because we don’t have any titles. It’s a small company with only four people, which used to be just two, until about two weeks ago when us newbies joined the ranks and doubled the staff.

So what do I do?
I’m coding, running out to customers, helping customers who show up at our door and just trying to keep up and learn the ropes. Mostly the day to day stuff is being the IT-department of local small businesses who don’t have their own in-house IT.

With more employees the decision was made that we need a ticket system to keep track of everything and everyone. Post it-notes and e-mails wouldn’t do anymore. Cue the drum roll and enter Drupal 7 with some modifications to the Support module and a theme my co-worker found. I wrote some, but I’m guessing, dear reader, that you can deduce the amount of modifications it quickly has turned into.

The support module seemed like a pretty good starting point. It has the basics you would expect from a ticketing system, like fetching mails, sending automatic “thank you for your mail” -messages, keeping track of which tickets belong in which queue, comments, etc. I’m a bit rusty on Drupal or rather, I was a bit rusty. I think I’ve started getting back into the game again. It does feel good to be coding something. There are still bugs to iron out, feature requests to fulfill and code to refactor, but I think it’s getting there.

Shamelessly borrowed this picture from
Shamelessly borrowed this picture from

I used to have this image above at my desk, it’s one of the best examples I’ve seen of what it feels like to read and modify someone else’s code (not to mention reviewing your own a year or more later).

That’s it for now.